Vitamin D Body Lotion (4.1 oz)
Vitamin D Body Lotion (4.1 oz)
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Vitamin D Body Lotion (4.1 oz)

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Vitamin D Body Lotion (4.1 oz)

Vitamin D Body Lotion is a unique moisturizing formula featuring cholecalciferol. This potent, easily absorbed form of vitamin D3 is found naturally in skin exposed to sunlight, making it highly effective at promoting healthy-looking skin. With its nourishing benefits, vitamin D3 combines with plant-based squalane and hyaluronic acid to provide necessary hydration to dry skin. This winter-ready formula is excellent for dry, damaged and vitamin D-deprived skin and helps to compensate for low levels of vitamin D due to lack of sun exposure. 

Topical Vitamin D

Cholecalciferol, a highly efficient form of vitamin D3, works quickly to deliver antioxidant properties while balancing and conditioning the skin.

Max Moisture Benefits

This nourishing lotion combines the benefits of sugar-derived squalane with hyaluronic acid to lock moisture into the skin.

Unrivaled Efficacy

This formula utilizes each ingredient in its most effective form, selected specifically for its ability to deliver real results. 

How it works

Vitamin D is an essential vitamin most commonly associated with good bone health and immune system reinforcement. The skin synthesizes it naturally in small amounts when exposed to certain UV conditions from the sun. We created this unique topical application to deliver cholecalciferol, a supplemental form of vitamin D3, to the skin. It goes to work quickly to deliver the benefits of vitamin D during times when sun exposure is minimal, such as during the winter months. It provides antioxidant effects and deep moisture from squalane and hyaluronic acid to leave skin feeling soft, supple and balanced.

Key ingredients

Cholecalciferol (Vitamin D3)

This supplemental form of vitamin D is known to be more effective than vitamin D2. It nourishes the skin and provides antioxidant benefits.

Anthemis Nobilis Extract (Chamomile Extract)
This botanical extract offers soothing and comforting properties to dry skin.

Sodium Hyaluronate
(Hyaluronic Acid)
This water-loving ingredient retains up to 1,000 times its weight in water, drawing vital hydration to the skin. It plumps and revitalizes the appearance of dry skin and helps to lock in moisture.


Squalane is a powerful emollient derived from plant sugar that helps to minimize transepidermal water loss and restore the feeling of skin suppleness.

Directions for use

Apply generously to body and allow to dry.