I am a 22 yr old who was smoking on a daily basis for over 5 months... usuing mainly a wax pen. I am 6’2, 160lbs with a body fat 7.8%.( i am also extremely athletic)I stopped smoking dec 31st and started this product Jan 11. Today is jan 18 and i have tested negative for THC!!! Product works great and does not make you feel bad at all.

I have tried other products before, and Epic Organic Detox was the only one that ACTUALLY WORKED for me in terms of actual results.

Very much recommend!



I didn't see many reviews for this product which was concerning but this product was recommended to me by a friend. Long story short it worked for me.

To provide more detail, I am a 5'7 140 lb HEAVY smoker. I smoked flower everyday multiple times a day prior to taking this product, so I figured that it would take a while to get it out my system. Because of this, I quit smoking 5/13 and started taking this product 5/31, taking 2 pills three times a day as instructed. I also made sure to drink plenty of water. Today 6/7, I went to see my probation officer and passed her h*e a*s surprise drug test with flying colors!
As for my activity level, I'm not much of an exercise person, but I will admit my metabolism is on the faster side, and I work as a waitress for a living, so an average day of work would mean I do enough steps that it will equate to anywhere from 2-7 miles. I hope this is detailed enough so that you guys can tweak according to your own lifestyles. Also, they suggested I take a minimum of 2 pills because of my weight, but I only purchased one and I still was able to pass!

Would definitely recommend to a friend or purchase again in the future.



I was a heavy smoker so I bought 2x bottles of 7 Day detox just to make sure. On the 8th day, I took a test in one of the cups and it was showing a light line but I knew it was working. I started the second bottle because I didn't have to take my DOT drug screen until 01/08/21 before 10 a.m. I have been driving tractor-trailers since 2007 but in the last 6 years, I have been working for a tree company driving/operating a grapple truck plus working as a groundsman until the first of the year. Before 2020 was over I told myself I was going to go back otr for good so I can build and leave something for my kids before my time comes. I knew I needed something to detox the THC out of my body because I didn't want to wait 30 days to take the test. I got my LLC in 2018 and now it's time to get myself a truck. On 01/09/21 the company I was going to got the results back and they said I was good!!! 01/11/21 I can finally come back doing what I love, and what I grew up doing! It works and you should try it for sure.



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