Peptide Lash (0.166 oz)
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Peptide Lash (0.166 oz)

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Peptide Lash (0.166 oz)

This effective blend of stem cells, peptides, and conditioners moisturizes and nourishes lashes to help them appear longer, stronger, and more voluminous. Infusing the lash line with these bioactive ingredients helps to support weak, sparse lashes while providing the ideal environment for lashes to flourish.

Key Benefits
  • Helps lashes appear longer and look thicker
  • Moisturizes and conditions lashes
  • Nourishes skin around lash line


Conditioning Complex
Just as hair needs a conditioner, so do lashes. Glycerin, a humectant, ensures that the delicate lash area is deeply hydrated, and also works to prevent any valuable moisture from escaping. Panthenol, provitamin B5, is another lash conditioning powerhouse that provides nutrition and moisture for long term hydration

Dual Actives
Peptide Lash features an innovative peptide that was specifically formulated for use on the eyelashes. It nourishes skin at the base while moisturizing and conditioning each strand, which helps reduce breakage and encourages a look of longer and plumper lashes. In addition, this formula harnesses the power of stem cells derived from the skin of red grapes, which provide strong antioxidant benefits.

How it Works

Eyelashes are comprised of 10% water and 90% keratinized proteins, and have 4 distinct phases of development: 

1. Anagen (growing phase) – skin cells called keratinocytes move thru the hair follicle, harden, and are transformed into strands.

2. Catagen (transition phase) – a lash’s growth slows and comes to a halt.

3. Telogen (resting phase) – lash development has ceased but the lash remains anchored in the follicle.

4. Exogen (shedding phase) – a new hair naturally pushes out theold strand. 

Notably, each lash is in a different cycle at any given time and the length of each phase is different for every individual. Keeping lashes conditioned and hydrated throughout these phases can help improve the appearance of length and volume, as well as reduce brittleness.