Micro-Dermabrasion Cleanser (1.8 oz)
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Micro-Dermabrasion Cleanser (1.8 oz)

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Micro-Dermabrasion Cleanser (1.8 oz)

Concerning dermabrasion, the scrubbing catalyst and essential ingredients have a significant impact on the level of effectiveness. Microdermabrasion scrub is a powerful exfoliator that uses medical-grade aluminum oxide crystals to scour away dead skin and wash away dirt with stunning results. Aluminum Oxide Crystals are among the best-known exfoliation mediums. Their molecular structure make for superb quality. Microdermabrasion scrub is provided to you in a condensed granular format, Microdermabrasion scrub is an abundance of scrubbing crystals at your disposal. With the addition of Red Tea Extract, Seaweed Extract and Hyaluronic Acid, this wonderful scrub helps balance moisture, while delivering skin nourishing anti-oxidants.

Key Benefits

  • Exceptional exfoliation, dead skin cell removal
  • Exposes vibrant new skin
  • Gently lifts dirt and excess oils
  • Reduces the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines

How It Works

In order to protect you from the elements, your skin cells undergo a natural process called Cornification. During Cornification skin cells migrate to the outermost frontier of the epidermal layer where they die and fill with keratin (tough bundles of protein fibre). This creates the resilient epidermal barrier of the skin.  The skin naturally sheds dead cells from this barrier in a constant circulation of desquamation (shedding), however, the regulation of the shedding isn’t always normal and excess dead cells can build up. Age, nutrition, the weather and genetics can all affect the rate and frequency of this cycle, diminishing the quality of your appearance.

Exfoliation is the perfect intervention in order to regulate the desquamation cycle. The effectiveness of the exfoliation is determined by the quality of the abrasive medium and any supplemental nourishment provided to the skin. 

Microdermabrasion Scrub uses white Aluminum Oxide crystals as the scouring catalyst. These crystals are inert minerals that do not cause adverse or allergic reactions to the skin. They have low heat retention and are extremely fine, so they don’t rupture or damage healthy and living cells, yet are still very adept at lifting dirt and dead cells.

Red Tea Extract, Seaweed Extract and Hyaluronic Acid provide a soothing, anti-oxidant and moisture balancing benefit, to help compensate from any moisture loss that occurs during the abrasive exfoliation action.