LH Serum - 100% Hyaluronic Acid (1 oz)
LH Serum - 100% Hyaluronic Acid (1 oz)
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LH Serum - 100% Hyaluronic Acid (1 oz)

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LH Serum - 100% Hyaluronic Acid (1 oz)

A high and low molecular weight hyaluronic serum that replenishes thirsty skin, delivering intense hydration where it’s needed most. Formulated with two forms of hyaluronic acid, this serum has the unique ability to provide lasting hydration by continuously drawing water to skin’s surface and locking it in. This versatile, yet simple formula works to fit the moisture requirements of all skin types, giving the skin a softer, plumper look and feel.

Smart Hydration

Our hyaluronic acid soaks in easily to instantaneously recharge moisture levels and restore skin’s suppleness. In addition, hyaluronic acid is a hydrophilic humectant that continuously draws water from the air, thereby steadily replenishing hydration over time.

Versatile Simplicity

While this formulation embodies simplicity, it is much more than just a hydration serum. Hyaluronic acid itself has been known to act as a carrier for other ingredients, which boosts the performance of other products when used together. It also smoothes and plumps the skin’s appearance for a flawless, oil-free base, while providing an extra burst of hydration for drier skin types when layered with other products.

Key benefits

• Continuously hydrates

• Plumps skin’s appearance

• Helps to minimize transepidermal water loss

Skin concerns

• Fine lines and wrinkles

• Loss of fullness

• Skin Dehydration

How it works

Hyaluronic acid is found naturally within the human body, and becomes depleted over time. It is one of the chief components of connective tissue. The greatest concentrations of hyaluronic acid are found within the skin. It is these high levels that give younger skin its suppleness and elasticity. As we age, the body’s ability to produce hyaluronic acid drops considerably, decreasing skin’s moisture levels. Hyaluronic acid is hydrophilic in nature, meaning that it has the unique ability to draw water to itself like a magnet.

Key ingredients

Hyaluronic Acid (Sodium Hyaluronate)

This deep hydrating serum contains two forms of hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid is known for its ability to hold up to 1,000 its weight in water. It helps to minimize transepidermal water loss, locking moisture into the skin to give it a plump, firm and youthful appearance. It also helps to reduce the feeling of roughness, promoting soft, healthy looking skin texture.

Directions for use

Apply to skin in a thin layer and allow to dry. Apply morning and evening.