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Epic Organic strives to provide you with the best possible solutions to the skin and beauty conditions you may be faced with.

But we go further than skin-deep. Providing lasting results and relief through both our quality skin care line and our scientifically formulated  supplements. This is how we help you tackle the root cause of your condition.

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Our supplements are scientifically formulated to give you the best and lasting results. With powerful ingredients and unique combinations you will find yourself naturally taking them as the difference is so noticeable. 

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High quality skin care products that you can trust. Their effectiveness comes straight from nature so you will find your skin getting healthier and more vibrant the more you use them. 

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Every product is created with powerful ingredients that target a lot more than meets the eye. Click on each product below to see exactly what they have to offer.

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I was amazed on what this moisturizer did to my skin. I have combination skin and it helped plump up the dry areas and kept my oily parts from breaking out! I would mention the smell is not for anyone, it smells of black licorice. It's settle to me and I don't mind it . Don't be fooled and settle for the fragrance of a cream rather the active ingredients and this wonderful jar of cream has plenty of those that contribute to anti-aging properties. It keeps skin hydrated throughout the night. Happy to have tried this!


I have terrible dark circles around my eyes and assumed there was nothing that could fix it until I tried this. After about two weeks of using a small amount at night, there was a dramatic difference in the color and youthfulness of my eye area. This product has been really effective and I'd highly recommend it!


My hair was seriously falling out suddenly. I was also having trouble keeping on my gel/acrylic nails. My real nails were getting thinner and more fragile. So I thought I'd give these a try. In so very glad I did. Within first week my hair stopped falling out. My nails have made it two weeks none falling off or breaking. Worked much faster then I thought they would. Highly recommended. Easy on the tummy as well. No bad taste or aftertaste. Already have baby hairs growing. This is just what I needed!


I used to take this same supplement and lost 20 pounds, so I was thrilled to get to try them again. I've been using them for three weeks now and have lost 10 pounds. I just feel completely uninterested in food when I'm taking these and I'm not hungry. 

Over the past three weeks, I've lost 10 pounds and I'm not retaining fluids. I was feeling more energetic and awake during the day. I'm not on a Ketogenic diet, so it'll be interesting to see what happens when I am on the Ketogenic diet.